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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Freehand Burdock Wall Climbing Tractor Nightlight

We went over to Freehand Burdock's to pick up the nightlight he was building us for Joe Haske's birthday present. He was in his workshop down by the creek putting the finishing touches on it.
He really went all out using twin Motorola Mighty Midget dry electrolytic capacitors he pulled out of a 1965 Zenith B&W TV as well as a photovoltic "on at dusk off at dawn" system. It was topped off with a really nice  Whitall Tatum telegraph pole insulator covering a ruby red 7.5 watt bulb. He had it wired up  with a nice length of #18 gauge Westinghouse waffle iron cord with a snakey blue black braid.
Geez will he be surprised!